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Questions of the week

mercredi 17 septembre 2014, par Josée Bellemare

1. What is your name ? My name is _________________ .

2. How are you, today ?

a. I’m fine, thank you !

b. not too bad !

c. so so

d. I don’t feel good !

e. I’m tired.

f. I’m great !

3. How old are you ? I’m ______ years old.

4. What is your favourite color ? season ? animal ? fruit ? vegetable ?

5. What did you do during the week end ?

a) I went to _________________________.

b) I watched tv.

c) I did my homework.

d) I played video games.

I played on the computer.

I played outside.

I played with my friends.

e) I did nothing special.

f) I stayed home.